• Trojan Unicorn

    • 4oz $3
    • 16oz $7
    • 32oz $12

    Beer Style: Black IPA

    ABV: 6.5% IBU: 57 

    This beer is our most deceptive offering. Consider your taste buds the city of Troy and this Trojan Horse is coming in. This truly original beer was brewed to surprise shooting Citra, Chinook, and Simcoe flavor lazers all over your taste buds. 



  • K8E (Katie) Kolsch

    • 4oz $2
    • 16oz $5
    • 32oz $8.5

    Beer Style: Kolsch

    ABV: 5.1% IBU: 21 

    The Holzlager Kölsch is brewed to reflect the traditions of Cologne Germany, but with a Midwest feel. Notes: This beer is light in color, mildly full, and robust in aroma.

  • FDS (Final Day of Summer)

    • 4oz $2.50
    • 16oz $6
    • 32oz $10

    Beer Style: Weissbier

    ABV: 4.7% IBU: 10

    This Final Day of Summer ale is a light refreshing session ale. It can be enjoyed all day and at any summer ending event. The moderate IBU’s pair with the limited grain bill, delivering a one size fits all beer. Notes: Flavors will range from malty and bready to fruity, with few noticeable hop characteristics. The most important flavors will come from the use of a special yeast such as banana, clove, and even bubblegum.



  • Lucas Road

    • 4oz $2.0
    • 12oz $5.0
    • 32oz $11

    Beer Style: American Pale Ale

    ABV: 4.0% IBU: 35

    A 100% Woodstock Wet Hopped Pale Ale. The Cascade hops used were locally grown and harvested by a local hop farm: Mom and Pops Hops on Lucas Road in Woodstock. Shortly after harvesting, they were added to brew kettle to create a Woodstock Wet Hopped American Pale Ale (WWAPA). Producing a delicate hop flavor that is not over powering like most India Pale Ales do.

  • No Regrets Grisette

    • 4oz $2
    • 16oz $5
    • 32oz $8.5

    Beer Style: Grisette – Belgian Farmhouse Ale

    ABV: 5.7%  IBU: 21

    A Grisette (French word for “Grey”) was originally brewed for miners in Belgium’s Hainaut province. Served by flirtatious women wearing grey dresses known as “Grisettes”. Brewed with wheat which adds proteins producing a hazy unfiltered appearance and a creamy softness to the mouthfeel. Miners had no regret drinking many of these after a long day in the mine. A refreshing beer that won’t knock you out.

  • Clown Hammer IPA

    • 4oz $3.0
    • 16oz $7.0
    • 32oz $12.0

    Style: India Pale Ale

    ABV: 7.0% IBU: 67 

    We don't like clowns and probably neither do you, which is why we now have Clown Hammer IPA on tap. This IPA is brewed with Sorachi Ace, Cascade, Citra, Mosaic and Chinook hops. This carousel of hop aroma and flavors will hammer any clown off it's feet. We're not clowning around here!

  • Pinehoppple | 2 Fools Cider (Naperville, IL)

    • 4oz $2.5
    • 16oz $6

    Style: Cider

    ABV: 6.9% IBU: 00 

    Modern Style specialty cider, dry hopped with Cascade and Amarillo hops, with fresh pineapple and blood orange. Very juicy, citrusy, and easy drinking Summer cider. Refreshingly crisp and tart from the apples and citrusy from the mix of pineapple, blood orange and hops.


  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (Two Brothers)

    • 16oz $5

    Leviathan Blend – Non-alcoholic 



  • Canned Soda

    • 12oz $0.75